Nov 6, 2014

The Importance of Performing Due Diligence for Online Home Business Owners

In my last posting, I shared Website Design Tips for New Home Business Owners who will be designing and building their Niche Websites using HTML and PHP as opposed to Flash to ensure that their Websites load rapidly and are ready for indexing by Major Search Engines.

In this posting, I like to share a few tips concerning the Important of Performing Ongoing Due Diligence for Home Business Owners. On websites which operate in Compliance with FTC Guidelines and Consumer Protection Agencies, you will always notice a Consumer Disclosure which is usually at the bottom of the Home or Index Page which reads: "Be advised that the owner-publisher of this website is an affiliate for the vendors of goods and services shown and described herein and may be compensated when you purchase from one or more of these vendors. You should always conduct your own investigation (Perform Due Diligence) prior to purchase products or services from anyone, and that includes the products and services sold from other websites advertised herein, and from all websites."

Of course, like many things nowadays, the Consumer Disclosure Notice is often ignored by most who are in a hurry and neglect Performing Due Diligence, and as a result, they sometimes suffer needless consequences which could've been avoided had they only paused long enough to Think, Read and Do a Little Research, rather than quickly making a product purchase, or jumping into something they knew very little about. While this posting is limited to Online Affiliate Marketing, Performing Due Diligence is vital to any endeavor which involves your time, energy and money. Here is a Video Example which pertains to purchasing existing Online Businesses...

As someone who works as an Affiliate Marketer, Home Business Consultant and WebMaster in the "Home Business Sector", it's S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure) for me to Read the F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) and T.O.S. (Terms of Service) when evaluating a Company and its Product-Services which I consider promoting and selling here online. Reading their disclosure documents lets me know what to expect from them and what they'll in turn expect from me as one of their Independent Affiliate Rep's. From my perspective, I need to understand their sales commission structure, imposed cap limit if any, or minimum sales requirement and their means of remitting my sales commissions via regular mail or pay processor as well as the support they provide to me as an Affiliate Rep and to the customers I send from my promotional efforts.

In addition to these basics, I continue my investigation to Learn More about the Company Track Record and what, if any, product improvements they've made within the past 5 years and I then bing, google, yahoo and youtube them to read and watch product reviews from other Affiliate Promoters and from Customers who've purchased their products in the past. While my liability is minimal, it is Important that I do not blemish My Online Reputation or Risk My Home Business Niche Brand with shoddy product-services from Companies who are less than well established without adequate customer support in place. After considering these Important Aspects, I then decide whether to proceed, or move on with another company.

Performing Due Diligence is a Must-Practice for Online Home Business Owners who earn their livings from Affiliate Marketing just as having an Ever-Ready Willingness to Learn New Applications in Real Time because E-Commerce never stands still, it changes rapidly and there's no shortage of Creative Individuals who are always trying to "build a better mousetrap". 

For Newcomers who are preparing to Launch Profitable Online Home Businesses in 2015, Click to Visit: Home Business Basics and Remember to Perform Ongoing Due Diligence. As Always, Thank You for Reading and I hope that you'll choose to check back again for future postings.

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